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just coming in on our news wire the defense department says it is flying 17 aircraft from california to new york loaded with power generation equipment and crews to help restore power to the millions of homes and businesses devastated by hurricane sandy. there are a lot of folks here elderly, babies and so on living in homes that have no power, no heat and it is getting colder here in the northeast, and they are saying no end in sight in many places. people talking about perhaps a month without power. the pentagon says the equipment is being provided by southern california power companies, including con-ed and pacific gas and electric company. we will update that a bit later in the broadcast. we've been watching a major campaign controversy unfold this week over a new romney campaign ad, just when you didn't think anybody could shock anybody, this ad says the u.s. bailed outcries her and that chrysler is now going to go build jeeps in china democrats call the ad a flat out lie. take a look for yourselves. >> mitt romney has a plan to help the auto industry. he is ooh ported by lee ia
would you stay? sometimes these storms get overhyped. and our defense, it is not the news media, it's the national hurricane center. >> i am in a brand-new building, you know, we are out of power right now. as you can see,. megyn: we were told by some of the officials. when you decide to stay, you have to think of the emergency officials who might have come in to first responders and save you if you wind up in peril. >> the ones that are on the lower floor, the things that are really in jeopardy. we are in a high-rise brand-new building that is five stories high. megyn: this is the first hurricane to hit new jersey in a hundred years. only one of three in the past 200 years. you take that more seriously they take some of the other storm warnings? >> yes, i have been through most of them. this is one of the songs i have seen before. talk about the timing of this. the economy is hurting. a lot of small business owners hurting. now, tourism's season is mostly over, but to take some property damage and flooding and so on and the other economic costs to bring to you, put it into perspect
of defense. chairman of the joint chief, secretary of state, national security adviser, et cetera. fox news has learned that u.s. military intelligence was reporting as early as 7:00pm eastern, less than four hours after the attack began that ansar al-sharia carried out the i attack on the consulate. state department cables show that stevens team warned washington that at 6:43 in the morning they had concerns on september 11th that members of the libyan police sent to guard them were photographing the compound, quote, this person was photographing the inside of the u.s. special mission and furthermore this person was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission from the ministry of foreign affairs. u.s. intelligence officials tell fox that three hours before the attack on the consulate they had reports from the ground in benghazi that an armed militia was gathering three hours before the attack. megyn. megyn: wow, jennifer, thank you. joining us now christopher hahn a former aide to democratic senator chuck schumer and a fox news contributor and chris plant host of the chris plant sh
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)